I’ve read a few articles about how some feminists are angry about this “drug detecting nail polish” ….I’ve read that this nail polish “supports” rape culture. I even read that it shouldn’t be manufactured and sold.
As someone who identifies as a feminist, I can understand what they mean when they say it supports rape culture.

But how I see it there will always be bad people. Yes we can teach people to not rape but that doesn’t mean that a bad person won’t rape someone. We also teach kids to not kill people and yet there are still murders. Obviously I’m not saying anyone deserves to be raped or murdered but there always has and always will be bad people.

If anyone wants to wear that nail polish to feel more comfortable then they should have that right and not feel like they’re “supporting rape culture”.

I lost a very small amount of hope in feminism today. Eliminating rape is something that can easily take decades and now some fems are mad because of a new modern way to protect yourself???

I will never understand that.

Nothin like sideburns in between your legs. 😍